Welcome to Spokane's First Gluten Free Bakery!


Welcome to Michlitch Company!

We are SO sorry to have to report that the bakery is closed!
 As hard as we worked, at the drawing board and then in the kitchen for months working out the best recipes to produce the most enjoyable breads and bagels, we simply cannot run as fast as needed.  If you’ve read our story you may understand a bit.  The baker was Don and now the baker is a care giver in Lewiston, ID.  Don’s father is suffering from bone cancer and with his Celiac Disease cannot stay in a care center or an assisted living center.  Don and his brother brought their father back to his home and are caring for both father and mother there.  It seems that if you have gluten intolerance, eating out of an institutional kitchen is not safe.  So, Don our baker is not baking now, he is cooking for his parents.
Those of you who have extreme gluten intolerance will be reassured to learn that our Company is very much aware of issues of gluten intolerance.  We do sell spice blends that have no gluten in them.  As with  everything we eat, labels must be read.  The Teriyaki Jerky mix we sell has soy sauce powder in it and that contains wheat.  Nearly all of the rest of the products we sell do not have gluten in them.
Thanks to all who came in and purchased baked goods from us.  We were truly blessed to have been able to meet so many great new friends!


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