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Don Vannoy (Owner/Partner) turned to the internet in trying to help his father Al who was experiencing abdominal bloating and other intestinal problems along with intense itching.  The itching was so bad that he could not sleep and he would spend many nights pacing the floor.  He could easily scratch his legs until they bled in the rare times that he did sleep.  Doctors would send him to dermatologists who would give him topical salves which would be of no benefit.  Al doctored for years to no avail.  His cancer doctor, thinking his prostate cancer was back proscribed female hormone shots which sent the poor man into severe chills and hot flashes.  His health began to fail and his son was very worried, so Don started to try to find answers.
Everything Don found online pointed to “leaky gut syndrome” and dermatitis herpiformis, which are of the many vast and varied symptoms of celiac disease.   Don soon came to the realization that in researching his father’s conditions that he was also researching his own.  Don went gluten free after realizing that based on symptoms, he had been gluten intolerant all of his life. His life-long symptoms soon completely disappeared. After Don finally convinced his father to try a gluten free lifestyle, Al’s symptoms also greatly improved (until he forgets to read a label and accidently ingests gluten.)


Surprisingly, Don already knew a lot about gluten, he and his father had farmed in Idaho most of their adult lives.  Because he was raised on a wheat farm, Don went to college at the University of Idaho and studied plant pathology.  After receiving his Bachelor’s degree he went on to work on a Masters in Plant Science.  In laboratories at Idaho, studies were being done on varieties of wheat, part of those studies lead to the development of increased gluten in wheat in order to provide more elasticity for the baking industry.  And as farmers getting ready to plant winter wheat in the fall, decisions had to be made regarding which variety to plant depending on yield, winter hardiness, and protein content (part of gluten determinate factors).
Don has four adult children (two have gone gluten free and say that they will never go back), of his three grandchildren, one is gluten intolerant. When his grandchild went gluten free his teacher said that she had never seen such an improvement in one of her students academically.
Trying to eat gluten free is challenging to say the least.  We soon discovered that there were no gluten-free baked products (especially bread) on the market that we liked.  After many trials and errors we have developed gluten free breads and buns that make us happy, they have a great taste and texture!

Our Products

Our gluten free bakery is entirely gluten free; unlike many others that bake both gluten and non-gluten products in the same facility, in our bakery there is no chance of cross contamination because we have no wheat, barley or rye flours. We use sorghum flour, tapioca starch, white rice flour,  and teff flour.
Because many gluten free products are mostly carbohydrate with little fiber or protein, we worked on increasing the fiber by adding flax meal and we use sorghum flour in our flour blend because it has a similar protein percentage to wheat.  We also add a natural sugar that acts as a dough conditioner and gives a greatly enhanced shelf live.
The natural sugar that we use is called Trehalose, it’s manufactured from starch (like tapioca starch).  It has been used in the medical field for prolonging the frozen quality of plasma because this sugar is a double molecule sugar that actually prevents cell destruction in a freeze-thaw or a dry-re-hydration cycle.  This sugar is found in many common natural foods like shrimp, Shitake mushrooms, wine and even seawater. It actually suppresses the breakdown of foods and stabilizes the structure of foods that discolor or develop unpleasant odors such as fish.  In baked goods Trehalose helps keep breads shelf stable to the extent that our gluten free products can stay fresh for several days just at room temperature.

Summer 2014 Update!

Michlitch has warmly welcomed Fusion Flours Gluten Free Bakery and are up and running again. Items for sale include frozen take and bake pizzas, pizza crusts to make your own at home, French baguettes, angel food cakes, shortbread cookies and even hot and fresh donuts on Saturday morning. Fusion Flours deeply appreciates Michlitch opening up their home and is excited to see former customers and  meet new ones as well. We anxiously await your business and look forward to working along side Michlitch Spice Company.



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